Friday, August 29, 2008

Virtual Estate

My life usually goes through changes, beyond the cadence of the semesters and summers that professors see, or the cyclic rhythms of conferences that researchers calculate out; my changes include abrupt travels, new pastime (mountain biking now), unruly working hours, evolving research topics, or obsessions with new thoughts and gadgets. So, at some core level, I appreciate a non-changing, focus point of a piece of real estate that is mine, my home. For amusement, here are two such permanent pieces of estates, these are virtual.
  • You could buy a decimal digit of \pi at mysliceofpi at its face value of dollar (digit i costs i dollars, and its font size is a subtly increasing function of i). You can rent out or sell the digits too. The page will remain for a "long" time.
  • Oldie: You could have bought a rectangular set of pixels at a dollar a pixel (1000 X 1000, you do the math) at million dollar homepage, and the seller gurantees "The pixels you buy will be displayed on the homepage permanently.", You can put a logo and link it to whatever.


Anonymous real estate supplies said...

i own a two on mysliceofpi, i think its great, and an awesome idea too. You get a link back to your blog too so that makes it so much better!

Heather D.

5:13 PM  

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