Thursday, August 28, 2008

Spectating Politics

I watch the political process in workplaces, countries, or whatever mainly as a spectator. So, typically, I just look for interesting moments: I found

  • a great line: Bill Clinton, ever the clever speaker, said the other day, "People the world over have always been impressed with the power of our example than by the example of our power." and
  • a great spoof: Onion, ever the spoofer, did the piece on the left on polls and demographics and sticks it to the statisticians.


Anonymous zippy said...

Dear Editor of the blog "my slice of pizza,"

Greeting and forgive me intrusion.

I found that the following two articles on your blog are
under spam comment attacks:
If time permits, how about considering to remove some "lengthy" spam comments [1]
from the two articles? Apologies again for inconvenience.

Your faithful reader

[1]: they cause heavy loads for some rss readers like newsfox of Firefox.

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Blogger metoo said...

Dear Faithful Reader,

Thank you, I removed the spam comments in one and frustrated, removed the other post. Also, made sure future commenters have to solve a captcha.


ps: Apologies, wrt the rss problems in the past.

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