Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two weeks of Art

I helped host some slovak artists in Santa Cruz area: Erik (big guy, drawing from huge swath of themes for his large paintings), Zuzana (her every move is dance), Fero (plays piano, even moving ones), Lucia (layers ornamental motifs behind the grit), Matej (graphic designer utterly open to new possibilities), Lenka (do it all herself designer), Veronika (an empathetic observer of a visual artist). All incredible in their ways, and each able to morph their working conditions, styles and themes to the Redwoods setting in Santa Cruz for two weeks and produce original art in 2 weeks, you can see in theApricity gallery at the Tannery.  Enjoy!

New Story

At the end of a long week of work, art and what is life, I got home. Took out the largest pot I had, filled it with water, boiled it and watched Spaghetti slide in, adding some oil and salt. I took the largest pan I had and made the sauce: tonno, chick peas, plum tomatos, garlic, and some eccentric ginger. Then I took the biggest bowl I had, heaped as much Spaghetti as I could and as much sauce as it would take, and ate it, bowl after bowl, each with teaser shavings of Parmigiano.  That was my weekend. When I need to recover, I go to my version of Italian. That is what I told my bartender friend Haruki, when I returned to work on Monday. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Algorithms in the Field (8F)

I updated the Algorithms in the Field (8F) site with links to videos, reports, slides, followup meetings etc. This vision continues to be compelling for me and many others. 


Friday, June 20, 2014

Braiding Pleasures, Oakland Style

I traveled to Oakland, the addictive, west coast version of the miasma of Harlem, to get my hair braided. Walking down the steps to the BART, I am twice as fast as others. A woman moved over and said, I am from NY and dont like holding up people. I said I am from NY too. She wished me, "Good luck, dealing with the angst of being away". In turn, I wished her, "Find some peace",  and she said, "I dont need to find peace", thereby capping a perfect NY moment on 24th St Mission stop. Peace is overrated, at least the personal sense of peace.

My hair was braided by folks from Portugese Guinea. I didnt know there was such a country, Guinea-Bissau. The spent my braiding time reading the New Yorker (June 9, 16, 2014 version),  I flip a page and see a short story -- Yesterday -- by Haruki Murakami, what a treat.  Also, this double issue has one pagers by various writers on old flames. My favorite, by Tobias Wolff, is a story of a boy and the improbable girl Joelle, who meet and reach a momentous place. But as my reading on the left shows, we, humans, fumble quite easily.

The King of Jazz, A Story Reading

I have been meaning to read this story aloud for sometime. The King of Jazz, by David Barthelme. It is the story of Hokie Mokie, a trombone player, who becomes the king of Jazz, but is immediately challenged by an young Japanese Cat, Hideo Yamaguchi, and has to defend himself.

It has a great passage describing Hokie's trombone sound:"You mean that sound that sounds like the cutting edge of life? That sounds like polar bears crossing Arctic ice pans? That sounds like a herd of musk ox in full flight? That sounds like male walruses diving to the bottom of the sea? That sounds like fumaroles smoking on the slopes of Mt. Katmai? That sounds like the wild turkey walking through the deep, soft forest? That sounds like beavers chewing trees in an Appalachian marsh? That sounds like an oyster fungus growing on an aspen trunk? That sounds like a mule deer wandering a montane of the Sierra Nevada? That sounds like prairie dogs kissing? That sounds like witchgrass tumbling or a river meandering? That sounds like manatees munching seaweed at Cape Sable? That sounds like coatimundis moving in packs across the face of Arkansas? That sounds like - " The full story is here

Monday, May 26, 2014

ML, SF links

Some links:


Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Chefs, Clicks, Conf Calls etc.

It is awesome: Vikram of Rasika wins James Beard Award for best chef, mid-atlantic.

In a meeting, I said: We have ways of making them click. It is a joke.

Finally, thanks to Kristy for sending me the link, here is a spoof on business conf calls

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Engineer in the Real World

Many of us who have been engineers will know the feeling: this is how an engineer feels in a product meeting with clients. Thanks to my friend Virginia for sharing the link.

Academic Analysis

Here is a study of faculty in top 50 schools and their interests/PhD institutions and various correlations! The people who did the study have compiled a dataset, via Mechanical Turk, which might be of interest to some.  Thanks Liviu for pointing this out to me. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

My Drive

Here is a video of my drive to work this AM,
one hand on the wheel,
the other one holding an iPhone...