Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick NY Trip

I had the guilty pleasure of a 2 days trip to NY city. My many thanks to the students who schlepped up to the city to work with me. Also, I walked into my favorite bagel place, and the owner says, "havent seen you a few days", and gives me my coffee -- 8 Oz, black, no sugar -- and my dollar back.

Managed to watch an "oldie" (of 1 year): cave of forgotten dreams, a 3D look into the Chauvet cave, charcoal cave paintings from 20k+ years ago by humans. The drawings are awesome, but the voice-over and the focus of the director and the film to dramatize the sociological aspects is really distracting. I was mostly focused on the technical aspects: was it one artist or many? different styles and strokes? any "erasure" and "modification" marks, or paintings the artist wanted to abandon or paintover? why didnt they paint plants and people, flowers and natural scenery, but only overwhelmingly horses and bison? etc.

Being in NY is about seeing things new. I watched the California is a place video about skateboarding in pools of foreclosed homes, cooawl!


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