Saturday, September 24, 2011

Video Hangout Update

My experiment of being on Google+ video hangout with the world for an hour each week is on. We have discussed:
  • Algorithms for learning a matching in graphs.
  • Algorithms for top k under funky similarity measures.
  • Algorithmic issues in H-index and its variants.
  • Is there any dataset in Computational Biology that needs a MapReduce system?
  • Stochastic histogram approximations.
What hasnt worked so far:
  • People seem to invite me on my regular gmail and not the one I set up for this purpose: (Instructions: invite into your circle on your Google+ or email me, I will add you to my video hangout circle; then, at the suitable time, go to our Google+, you will see me hanging out, join the hangout!)
  • Hangout time does not work for some, so people have been reaching out to me out of band.
Here are new parameters.
  • No hangout this Wednesday Sept 28, next hangout will be Oct 5.
  • From now on, hangouts will be Wednesdays 8--9 CA time, 11--12 NY Time.
  • I am considering the idea of having hangouts on specific topics in the future: MapReduce algorithms, Compressed Sensing and sparse approximation algorithms, Differental Privacy and its Extensions, Revenue optimal mechanisms, Ad Exchanges: new problems, etc, Any feedback will be highly appreciated.



Blogger Gianluca Della Vedova said...

I have really enjoyed a hangout with you. I hope that your experiment is going to be successful, it can be a wonderful way to help students and young researchers with their research.
Attending US conferences, can be expensive and time-consuming if you are from Europe or Asia. These hangouts are a wonderful opportunity to absorb part of your wide knowldege and insights.

Btw. At the time I tried to add to a circle of mine, but I didn't succeed. I don't know if it's a problem with G+.

Thanks for the time you spend in this experiment. You are a marvellous host.

3:48 AM  

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