Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pot X

Yesterday at dinner someone said, in Australia, we have "pot plants", and someone else said, in UK, we have "pot pie", and I wanted to add, in India, we have "pot Poori" (no typos), but good taste in conversation made me bite my tongue and swallow the words.

In a NY/NJ train, the youth in baggy clothes sprawled on the seat in front of me, turns to me and asks urgently (which I understood after asking him to repeat it a couple of times), "how do you spell, shield, man, shield, you know, shield?". I spell it, and he types it into his SMS. Shield? Um....

The blonde woman dressed for the club sits next to me at Starbucks and yells into the phone (profanity withheld), "I am a lousy driver, I dont drive, why dont you just tell me where to go, am parked like right here". Long conversation like this, help from me, checking GPS etc, and then she tells me, "Oh, I am so close to my friend's place, it is only 3 miles". In NY city, in 3 miles, you can go from Upper West to Upper East, Village to Midtown, Apollo theater to City center, all along wondering why you would want to do it!

On a NY/NJ train, at a certain station that locals can guess, a man gets on, sits behind me, looks around to take in the scene, watches me read the newspaper, leans over in the little while and asks, "that the wall street journal?", I nod yes, and he says, "they shrunk the size?", I say, "yes, a while ago", and he says, "yeah, been inside for long" and chuckles.

In San Francisco, I get a drink, and this old gentleman engages me in a conversation. We talk about many things and at one point, speaking of why his PhDed son didnt choose to work in research, he says, "you have to really want to write papers you know, and publish them." Simply said, and true. Later, I ask this 70+ year old man what he wants to do, and he says, "Go to NY city, don't know, stay there for long, for two weeks or something, and soak it in."


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