Friday, June 10, 2011

After W8F

After W8F, I had to detox some. Went for a walk in the neighborhood and saw this window display of office chair bottoms in Soho. Turns out display is to celebrate the book, A Taxonomy of Office Chairs, by Jonathan Olivares at the Phaidon. "Olivares begins his survey at the beginning of the 1840s, a period agreed upon to have seen the origins of modern business management, and ends it in the present. Over this period he has selected 184 of the most innovative office chairs from the thousands that have been designed and manufactured. This rigorous selection process has been underpinned by one rule; only chairs that have introduced at least one innovation have been included." With historical notes, technical drawings and photographs, the author presents his impressive research.

ps: I took a picture with my iphone which alas died since beyond factory restore, and I was happy to discover an identical picture here.


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