Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Evening Play

It was a long week, with situations that force a definition upon you and you have to remember to bust out. For friday evening, I went to Brooklyn which is forgiving of tired researchers and veering artists. Far from the prying Manhattan, at the dilapidated but charming Harvey Theater on the left, I watched Actress Juliette Binoche and Choreographer Akram Khan from very close, as they tried out each others' trades some.

Juliette is not a graceful dancer, but she has a great presence reminiscent of her film roles; Akram excels when he reaches back to his boyhood and acts out 2 roles, but the plot is from the left field. All this storytelling takes away from the joy of the dance, but like seasoned researchers who can do with 6 what others do in 10 filled camera-ready pages, the artists kept it short and did not grate. Dinner at Stonehome, crispy Chicken and warm Chocolate Cake, got me to the weekend.


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