Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pleasures of a day off

I like true midpoints, like the Wednesdays. On any given Wednesday, you have left behind even the memory of the past weekend and can't lurch to the next one just yet. I took a day off and went to the lower east side to see the Tenement museum. It seems not only the immigrants' experiences, but the template of everyones' experiences remains the same over time and across generations: find a starter job (garment or restaurant business), pay rent (1/3rd monthly income, now an Obama law), measure up/down (productivity, window space, net worth) and survive the tussel between the government and the collective whims of the people with labels (such as "Not made under sweatshop conditions." Will I see those labels on software anytime?). In early 1900's they did it in cramped spaces with wallpapers, in early 2000's we do it in underwater spaces with sparse walls. When the museum closes and the rain continues, a short walk down the Orchard Street gets you to the Good World bar (a stylish swedish grill with an industrial look) before the crowd gets there and one gets to quietly enjoy the sea salt fried shrimp done with care.


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