Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tour De Brooklyn

Most explore Brooklyn, start and alas stop, with its Manhattan-esque parts (you know, Heights, Park Slope, the by-now-well-hewed Williamsburg, Prospect Park, Museum and the adventurous ones, the BAM). Beyond it, Brooklyn is a borough of astounding murals, and more.

Today, I went on the bike tour of Brooklyn. The borough president Marty Markovitz, in his true Brooklyn accent, started us off. The tour went through a rainbow of neighborhoods: Atlantic yards, Crown Heights, Bed-Sty, Eastern Parkway, Bushwick, and curiously the Navy yard. I went to the Navy Yard yesterday and the security did not let me in or take pictures. Today I rode in with several thousands through a different entrance and rode out waving to that same security person with a smile! Brooklyn is also the borough where the riders would urge the cops on duty to come, join, and the cops--even the ones with the shades--will smile and decline. A bakery would exude great smell and the knowledgable rider will tell stories about the goodies in the bakery we were leaving behind. Cars stopped at the light will roll down their window and blare reggae to cheer us, and people will clap for no reason and ask me as I rode by, "Bro, what is the ride for?". For da Brook'lyn.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Streetfilms coverage is up!

10:01 PM  
Blogger metoo said...

Thanks for the link. The video is cool!

I was looking for that rollerblader who showed up, and was beyond awesome.

-- metoo

ps: 2 -> 2008, the html formatting seems off.

4:42 AM  
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