Sunday, May 25, 2008


Once it used to be known that if you wanted to pick up women, you went to the self-help section of Borders (or B&N), to catch the ones just getting out of a breakup. Presumably there is similar wisdom for picking up men as well (IKEA: finding furniture after moving out of ex's place?).

I had a strange attack of self-help. I dreamt that I, the novice, spoke to me, the consummate writer, and asked for writing advice. The consummate me says, "Respect the intelligence of your readers, and let go." I, the novice, in dream or in reality have no problem with the former, but have difficulty letting go. Must practice.

ps: A colleague who will not be mentioned here, but who will be recognized by the coterie around the beer cans some time ago and very far away from the eastern seaboard, said he dreamt he was an algorithm and recognized in his dream that he was deterministic!

pps: This post is an homage to the anonymous commenter who said an earlier post was Godelian.



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Blogger Peach said...

You know quite a bunch of interesting things! Unfortunately, there is no IKEA in Nashville! Tsk tsk.

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