Sunday, December 30, 2007

Satisfying one thousand desires or conquering just one

This is definitely a non-CS blog. Sometimes I need peace, and today I went to the Rubin's Museum of Himalayan Art to get it. In particular, I wanted to see the photographs of Bhutan by Kenro Izu (NYT has been peddling Bhutan in travel and art, I decided to consider it for travel later and check out the art now). Clicking on the picture on the left will take you to a set of photographs, B&W and curiously, almost archaically still portraits.

The museum was also playing a movie called Samsara (trailer, the beginning). It turned out to be a visually beautiful film about a Buddhist monk's life, somewhat inspired by characters in Buddha's life. Shawn Ku played the monk and was not good at communicating the thoughts that motivate his actions, some self-destructive, some confrontational, and most abruptly life-changing; but then, Siddhartha was similar in sketchy legends in India. In contrast, Christy Chung who played his wife, a standin for real life Yasodara, is talented and played fabulously. The tagline is: Satisfying one thousand desires or conquering just one? Watch the movie for an explanation.

Well, this is NY, the movie couldn't be just played; there was an preamble of an introduction to the movie by Rubin staff and a short (film) interview of the director who talked about the 80+ different sounds of the winds in the Himalayas that he used throughout the movie for the soundtrack. Very cool.



Blogger artoo said...

Not to mention the innovative use of a sari and a wooden rod...

Will Kangmaru La replace Kilimanjaro as a destination, one wonders.

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