Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wish List Item 2

What I like about YouTube is "collective consciousness". If I liked a 30-sec segment in a film from say the 70's, chances are several hundred thousand others watched that film and liked that segment too, and further, the chances are 10's of those fans upload that precise segment onto YouTube, so viola, a search with the name of the film should give the 30-sec gem. This is incredibly efficient and mostly it works.

After some struggle, I found this segment (not 30-sec, several million dollars and months worth of filming): two trucks cross a swaying, decrepit rope bridge amidst a storm, carrying high explosive nitro. The best part is the audio of the roaring truck and the crunching wood.

For the times the process does NOT work, here is my wish list item 2, rather, a meta-wish item: someone could create a bulletin board/marketplace/whatever for people to post their requests for short movie segments, their fave moments in videos, and for others to supply them, so the demand meets the volunteers' supplies. One can generalize this further and create such a request/post meeting place for highly specific user-generated content too.


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