Friday, December 21, 2007

Wish List, Item 1.

It will be great to have a list of theory conferences in each year and their plenary speakers, going back to the past. Titles of their talks will be a bonus. I am happy to collect lists, and put them on the web in a nice way. Alternatively, if someone does it, or if there is already such a website, that will be great.

Update: Thanks to Iftah Gamzu, who I discovered, is maintaining a list of accepted papers at theory conferences as well as deadlines.


Blogger Suresh Venkatasubramanian said...

In principle, this can be trawled from DBLP. However, the DBLP representation doesn't make it easy.

Maybe a better idea is create a wikified page that anyone can edit ? For example, anyone interested could use

as the head page, and create a specific conference page formatted as FOCS 2007 was formatted.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The list of plenary speakers at conferences is one of the things I'm collecting on my list of events ( See, for example, SODA at . Admittedly, not many events have such data yet, though there are some more complete examples like the Fall Workshop on Computational Geometry ( which has data back to the beginning because I obtained that data. I'm also collecting paper counts (accepted vs. rejected) for plots (which are working now but not yet public), PC lists, etc.

Real Soon Now (but I've been saying this for a while), people will be able to submit changes to my event list, which would make it easy for folks to collectively obtain such data. Meanwhile, if you want to send me data, I'd be happy to add it. (And if you want something that extracts a matrix of plenaries vs. theory conferences, that would be easy too; just let me know.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Muthu,

Wish you a happy new year.

I have a technical question for you, and after some debating, decided to post it here (rather than emailing you), for the following reasons -- your readers may benefit from your answer, and maybe you could consider starting occasional "All questions answered" sessions a la Knuth? My question is: can you please recommend some good books on the string algorithms used for data compression (mainly text compression)?

Thanks, aravind

5:37 AM  

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