Sunday, July 16, 2006


I usually walk around with what may look like a printed book, but in fact, is a notebook with acid-free white paper, plain. I write down ideas, to-do lists and telephone numbers in standard format, i.e., scraggy polylines, and occasionally put down sketches, math, and graffiti in straying fonts and boxy formats. The binding is fine, the cover is in bright colors, and the feel has to live upto the look. The commonly seen Barnes and Nobles' Hemingway- inspired moleskin sketchbook is too small for the math and will not do in any of the other metric. I have been happy with the easily available Ordning & Reda's red, black, brown or green. I sometime stray into Italian and do orange and purple Fabriano's. Recently I discovered the Legatoria Artistica thanks to Luigi Laura (the one and only, from Roma, enjoy 4 years of soccer reign dude!), and will begin with a new one in a couple of months. I can hardly wait. Handmade and leather-bound, my notes may one day live upto the notebook.


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