Saturday, July 01, 2006

Restaurant Refs

I am happy to point out restaurants to people, but usually do not recommend them. Because one's experience with a restaurant is a function of many things, their mood, the service, the food they order and the food they get, their resonance with the chef, repeated tests, failures and sublime moments. Still, here are a couple of recommendations. Yasuda is the master sushi chef and never disappoints. Recently I was in Italy and went back to the restaurant of two of my friends. Lavinia and her family own and run the LaStalla, a gem halfway up the mountain in Santa Margherita. Paola and her family own and run the authentic focaccia-al-formaggio place Restorante Da O Vittorio at Recco. If you are in Liguria, I recommend both these restaurants. If you not in Liguria, you must go.


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