Friday, November 01, 2013

My Columbia U

I realized I have a bimodal interaction with Columbia Univ.
  • I am visiting the Business School, giving a talk in their Financial Engineering Workshop, focused on the risks of real time bidding on ad networks. It is fun to hear financial researchers discussing network effects, cascades and contagion, included. 
  • I will be visiting the Computer Science Dept, giving a talk on data stream theory, more aligning it as an approach to Big Data. Btw, am a Big fan of Shree's BigShot DIY camera.
I already feel at least trimodal in a CS dept, sitting in some convex combination of theory, databases and networking, but that is second order, considering the difference between the suits of the Business school and the jeans of the Engineering school, stripped shirts versus T.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked the connection between big data, big fan and big shot! Btw, the last one is a great idea, it is by doing that children learn, not by reading.

5:21 PM  

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