Monday, December 05, 2011

MassDAL 2.0

People ask me about my lab (MassDAL for Massive Data Analysis Lab) at Rutgers.

Here is the page as I set up 8+ years ago, so totally web 1.0. During that 1.0 phase, we worked on data streams and blog data analysis; Graham Cormode, a postdoc visitor, went on to greatness; 6 students finished their PhDs and 4 their MS, and you can see at that page where they are now; we collaborated with Narus, AT&T, Telcordia, Sprint, and of course the Govt.

Now, it is 2.0 time. I really should update the page to be more say html 5, and may be call it "BigDAL" in keeping with the fashion. :) Seriously though, we have new batch of students: Alex (Differential Privacy, Discrepancy theory), Brian (Communication graphs analysis), Darja (Ad auctions), Jinyun (Recommendations), Priya (Graph learning), and Qiang (Stochastic streams). We have a Fulbright Scholar visiting: Magdalena Punceva (p2p social networks). We have a spirited team of 7 students analyzing display ads (Aparna, Lavanya, Edan, Shyamsundar, Vinay and Vasisht). Students collaborate with Narus, Technicolor, Google, and of course the Govt. We work on social network analysis, internet ads, data streams, and theory.


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