Saturday, September 05, 2009

CS and Econ at Cornell: PS

Well, I am back and what did I think of the entire meeting? I met many new thinkers, in particular the ones in Economics, and hope to be in touch with them more. And I became less self-conscious about using "endogenize" and "exogenize", ie., Economics-speak. Finally, game theory and economics may be in vogue in CS confs, and people have told me that it is NOT right to accept papers just because they are on a vogue topic. My notes will hopefully convince people that it is NOT right to reject papers just because they are on a vogue topic. Fads apart, there is a helluvalot we need to learn, understand, and exploit in Economics and CS.

ps: Someone asked, "What CS Systems should not be exposed to market mechanisms?"

pps: Many thanks to the organizing committee of Larry, David, Jon, Eva and Ehud. They found ways to ask right questions and stimulate CS vs Econ research debates during the sessions. Also, Cornell's facilities were excellent.



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