Monday, January 14, 2008

Auto Journo

On a recent flight, I met Robert Collin, who introduced himself to me as an auto journalist. In my car-less, non-driver world, that means little. As I meandered through talking about top gear and car talk, Robert told me he has a blog hanging off his newspaper's homepage in Sweden, the land of Saab and Volvo (I am more familiar with Volver). As he spoke about his blog, I became more engaged and slowly more and more impressed. In his blog, he talks about cars, tires, traffic rules and their enforcement, alternative fuels, the impact of few hundred million new drivers from India and China, and many, many other topics, all of which suddenly made his blog so relevant and immediate, to everyone! Robert has a great journalistic personality and charm, a knack for choosing topics, framing his arguments, and a camera for supporting cast. So, not surprisingly, his blog is a big hit, and the swedish public seems to be tuning in, and learning a new attitude. What fun. My flight was a treat.

ps: Robert has a post in which I figure; he either calls me a genius or a geni, I don't know which, rubbing me the wrong way either way! :)


Blogger Rasmus Pagh said...

Here is the last part of the post, translated into English: And the travel company from New York was really refreshing. His name was Muthu, he just cut off his rasta plaits, and worked developing the search features at Google. A genious, no more, no less. Moreover extremely pleasant.

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