Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lost in Movies

When I was growing up, the only entertainment was movies. Much like the postwar world elsewhere, I was in love with going to watch movies at the theater, and some days watched upto three different shows. Late nite movies were my favorite. But I am all grown up now and it has been several years since I watched movies without a break of multiple days between them. And a long time since I watched a late, late, movie. Last nite, I managed to snatch a moment from the past when I went to see the midnite show of The Lost Highway by David Lynch. Like most people in the audience at the IFC theater, I had seen the movie before of course. We were there to relive the magic moments of madness in the movie, and to immerse in the the Lou Reed-David Bowie-Rammstein-Marilyn Manson soundtrack, sweeter than wine, softer than the summer's night. The movie is a fugue, an enigma, and the web has many sites interpreting it for you. But it is best seen, sitting in a movie theater with loud speakers.
What's your axe?

Tenor... Tenor saxophone. Do you...

(shakes his head)
Tone deaf.


Anonymous David Molnar said...

That brings back memories for me...although they aren't of late-night movies, but rather of a TV in a dorm basement. Nearly ten years ago now, too.

2:36 AM  

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