Saturday, March 18, 2006

New York City: The Browsing Lane.

NY Songlines: a lovely ASCII description of New York City, block by block, building by building. It is positioned as a virtual walking tour, but I think of it as a browsing treat. If you are a new york city resident, you will learn not to react when Keri Russell is in the elevator with you with her groceries, Natalie Portman has brunch with family not far from you at Sarabeth's, or Yoko Ono gets a drink at the table next to you. You pay attention to where Daniel Day Lewis is a regular, Jim Jarmusch hangs out or where Al Pacino and Ann Penelope get off the taxi in Carlito's Way. Over time, each of us has a file in our head much like the one at the NY Songlines and browses along the memory lane.


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