Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BSP, Streams and Market Algorithms

Nothing could be common among these three topics! So, here is some uncorrelated information.
  • Google announced a graduate fellowship program sometime ago. There is one fellowship in Market Algorithms (read, eg, as Algorithmic Game Theory). Congratulations Nicolas Lambert! Full details here.
  • Lecture notes from my Data Streams course at Barbados with Andrew McGregor earlier this year is now posted at Denis's site, sincere thanks to the multitude of scribes and their incredible effort!
  • Greg Malewicz will be speaking at the joint industrial track between ACM PODC and ACM SPAA this August on a framework for massively parallel graph algorithms called Pregel. It is inspired by Valiant's Bulk Synchronous Model (BSP), and relates to MapReduce. Some info on this here, but more should be forthcoming at the conf.



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