Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A SODA Review

I got the following reviews for a paper I submitted to SODA 09 (accepted papers).
  • Reviewer 1: ... It's good old-fashioned algorithmics....So I don't think this paper introduces any really new insights, but it was a pleasure to read. I think that many people in the SODA audience will enjoy the talk.
  • Reviewer 2: This is an excellent work on .... I strongly propose to accept it. ...
  • Reviewer 3: ... The approach has some innovation, and shows a lot of skill in sidestepping costly aspects. ...
  • Reviewer 4: ... Thus it (the problem) is important. The algorithm is elegant ... and interesting. Therefore the paper should be accepted.
Getting 4 full reviews, none negative, wow. I sincerely thank the reviewers. Those who live by anonymity, have to gather their accolades and thanks in anonymity!

Afterthought: No, the paper was not accepted. Beware, the above feedback is not complete since the PC discussions are not public.


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