Saturday, December 08, 2007


Traveling between IAH (Houston) and JFK (New York) is like flying between two sprawling malls. The travel yielded two musical moments. In Houston, a cab driver spoke of the new Senegalese restaurant, described mouthwatering foods, and played Youssou N'Dour. In NY, the cab driver spoke about his native Haiti, drummed the steering wheel with his long fingers, played Kompa from his CD collection and cruised. Sweet! Music aside, with minutes to get onboard a flight in Houston, I rushed to pick up some reading material and:

Store attendant: Can I help you?
Me: Where do you keep Atlantic Monthly or Harper's?
Helpful SA: Uh.. We have Texas Monthly...

I let the national magazine of Texas be, grabbed a Harper's and learned (nice "readings" feature this month): McDonald's has a site in UK where people can ask questions and they would provide answers. This is a public-relations move, it seems! Ex question: Will you ever release a McClaren or Mclown burger?



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