Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rebranding, albeit briefly

Father Demo square, a triangular wedge (pizza slice) of land in the village, long haven to coffee-drinkers, pizza-eaters, newspaper-readers and plain resters, has reopened after a long renovation. Yesterday, walking around the square after nearly a year, with the frothing new fountain, children running around and the people who were using it as if it had always been there, I was reminded of a moment in a film: an US military airplane flying under some codename (say foxtrot) ends up taking aboard the President of USA who had to abandon his own airplane after some dramatic action sequence, and the pilot of the foxtrot gets on his communication channel and says, "The foxtrot is now Air Force One, I repeat, the foxtrot is now Air Force One". I felt like saying, "NY is now the Eternal City, I repeat, NY is now the Eternal City". Briefly, I hope Rome with its majestic fountains will acquiesce.


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