Sunday, May 27, 2007


I was wearing a brown shirt with a print of an old couple, she seated, skirt flaring, and he standing behind; I always thought it was an African image. Recently, when I got off the airport at Albuquerque, this woman looks at it and says, "From Tibet?". I say, "Brooklyn" meaning I bought it in Brooklyn, and then adds, "Brooklyn market is universal." She guesses and says "Bengali?" because I guess I pronounced it as "univershal", converting s's into sh's like Bengali's do, and like linguistic mutts like me do. I guessed and said, "Si".


Blogger vincent said...

accent-picking is a strange guessing-game... I'm lebanese-armenian-french and consequently have a hard to spot english accent, I've noticed that people get irritated when they can't figure out where I'm from, and further confused when I tell them that neither do I :)

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