Sunday, April 22, 2007


Last night the city felt wrapped in a turquoise blanket, thick and textured (many I know just focus on the color of clothes one wears; textures matters just as much, as Sampath Kannan insists). Today, on Earth Day, the day is bright and promises to burn through one's psyche.

Friday was a day of "days":
  • There was the NY Theory Day, held at Columbia. For long time, Zvi Galil organized this, and did a defining job. I remember his talk from 1992 that consisted of stripping off layers of T-shirts in his hunt for the lion in a desert (a parable that fits combinatorial search snugly, in particular, his result on parallel string matching).
  • There was the Bay area algorithmic game theory day. Wish I had been there, fantastic collection of speakers/talks.


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