Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sneaking into Italy

I needed a break and managed to sneak into Italy briefly. I was lucky. I met Tara Gandhi, the great granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi. She spoke to me in Tamil and Bengali, and to the others in what appeared to be flawless Italian! She was really inspiring, both in her graceful demeanor, and in her words, bringing message of friendship, beauty and strength through non-violence.
I also got to see part of the Ms Italy beauty contest at the stunning Montecatini Terme. What can I say about the contestants: gods or genes give us our eyes (all sparkling), humans give us the hair (all flawless) and the rest of the attitude is all ours. A psychologist who spoke to the contestants reported several said the person they admired was Steve Jobs. Hard to escape computers (science).


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