Sunday, July 29, 2012

What people like about the Bay area

I often have a question in mind, a question for which it is not important what is my answer, but I need to know the answers of the human diaspora, not an unique answer but the variations. More than a decade ago, I asked people, "What does the phrase Safe Love mean to you?" and the experience filled a short story I didn't get to publish yet. These days I ask transplants to the Bay Area (not the natives), "What do you like about the Bay area?", and the answers worth remembering have been:
  • Fresh fruits
  • Humming birds
  • Near-zero humidity 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What do you like about the Bay area?"

- outdoor activities all year long
- startups
- VCs
- biking, bike-friendly roads
- good weather

- Pravin

10:19 AM  

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