Sunday, May 01, 2011

Rutgers Day 2011

Rutgers Day took place on Saturday Apr 30. A day to showcase programs, campus and the people. Lot of great booths, demos, performances all through the day, and the weather was perfect too. Five of Rutgers CS students --- Aparna, Hongzhong, Maurya, Shyamsundar, and Vasisht --- built an Android tool called "Rutgers Day Review" that lets one review the events and the various booths during the day (take a picture, write review, share by uploading it to facebook via our servers, if you are funny, you might win an awesome LiveScribe Smartpen as the prize). It is live on Android market now, but the server has been shut down after the day. Some of the uploads are on the facebook page here.

ps: Winner Vukosi's caption for the upload on the left, "Been waiting for the weekend science bus for ages". Also, the Aero Engg dept that had big model airplanes in the booth ran a raffle for an iPad to draw the crowd! The Jet Age is over and we live in the Apple Universe.


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