Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NSF W8F: Questionnaire

NSF Workshop on Algorithms In The Field (8F) is about having (theory/algorithms) and (other CS areas) researchers collaborate on key challenges. For the purpose here, (theory/algorithms) researchers publish in stoc/focs/soda/socg/spaa/....; (other CS areas) researchers publish in sigmod/sigcomm/icml/kdd/sdm,www,....

This blog post is a call, you probably have well formed opinions on this topic, help us by filling this questionnaire and mailing it to nsfw8f@gmail.com. Your help is much appreciated, and will be acknowledged in the workshop report.

--------------------------- CUT HERE --------------------------------------------------
  • Your areas of research/expertise
  • Any pointers to any excellent examples of online surveys, tutorials, talk slides, monographs that demonstrate some of the outstanding challenges in your areas of interest.
  • List any papers/DBLP entries that you would like to highlight as an example of (theory/algorithms) + (other areas of CS) researchers working together to get a nice result.
  • What area/topic in algorithms/theory you or your students or researchers in your area wish they knew? (I have had various researchers say they wish their students knew linear algebraic algorithms better, or randomized algorithms, or optimization or whatever).
  • How should we train (theory/algorithms) + (other areas of CS) students, researchers to work with each other.
  • In your experience, did you face any obstacles/bottlenecks in such collaborations?



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