Saturday, February 19, 2011

Renewal, NY Style

I have been down some, mojo in a freeze. A couple of recent incidents are helping with the thawing.
  • I rode my bicycle through the streets, holding two dozen black and white balloons on my left hand. The day was windy and I made a bulbous figure crouched on my bicycle, swerving to avoid parked cars, darting pedestrians and trying to not interrupt the flow of taxis that slowed as they approached me, and sped off with relief when they got past. Children waved and wanted to reach out to the floating ying yang, but my moment was made when two tourists stopped me to take pictures, with the cobble-stoned, graffiti-filled Tribeca for the background.
  • Yesterday it was warm, but the Parks dept is yet to catch up. The Imagination Playground was closed. I saw a few children and parents inside, including what looked like a 7 month pregnant woman. When asked, they said, "just hop over the fence". That is how one has a pleasant PM in Burling Slip, NYC. NYers dont wait out the winter, as much as spring ahead.


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