Saturday, February 05, 2011

NY loses Yasuda

It is 2+ months old news, but I could not bear to talk about it earlier. My sushi chef Yasuda leaves NY. NY Times does a piece, aptly, elegy-style. If someone has the address for his new (8 seat) sushi bar in Tokyo, please let me know. A flight to Tokyo is small price to pay for the master. Some pictures of his incomparable sushi here. And his parting gift: Sushi Nori Yasuda.


Blogger Mihai said...

The timing of this has been terrible. I couldn't organize a Yasuda dinner in December, and then in January I started having some medical problems and my doctor forbid sushi :(

I guess I'll have to go to Tokyo. If you find out the new location, do share :)

10:03 AM  

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