Sunday, September 05, 2010

To Endow Theory

Two questions:
  • how much does it take to make theory conferences free?, and
  • how do we get there?
Let me focus only on the first question. It will be great to support or subsidize
  • travel, meals, and stay for all academic participants -- students, postdocs, faculty -- and
  • conference operational cost including auditoriums, A/V, publication, website and publicity, etc.
for major conferences, say 3 per year: 300 attendees @ $1000 each, and additional expenses of $100k, $400k per conference and $1.2M per year? At the standard calculation that $x investment will give 3% per year in spending money after preserving capital adjusted for inflation, x=40M. Like all numbers, these can be tweaked of course (fewer/more conf, persons or level of support, adjusting for inflation per year in required budget, etc), which only leaves the second question open.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good questions and great idea!

It would seem much cheaper for some IPO billionaire to get a "named conference" rather than professorship and also they would get more name recognition.

Also, doesn't figuring out how to make conferences cheaper (like having them during winter break on a university campus like they do in Europe) make it easier to get an endowment?

7:13 AM  

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