Saturday, July 10, 2010

Music in Tel Aviv and NY

In Tel Aviv, my visit, happened to coincide with the White Night, an annual celebration that keeps the city open all night. Rothschild Boulevard, a boulevard of modernist buildings from Bauhaus to soon a Richard Meier tower, was lit with music from around the world and wandering crowd. Observation: Trying to dress well and look good in Tel Aviv is like going to FOCS and STOC and trying to look smart. You can try it, but everyone around you is smart, and you look silly.

Back at home. The city left 60 pianos in public spots so anyone can play.
But this is NY. Why plan these things? I saw this old, abandoned piano on the street. Some walked around it talking on the cell or looking at it curiously, some stopped to play standing, one found a key to tune and another made an impromptu list of keys to be fixed, some talked about moving it to their aptment if only it were bigger, .... So, instantly, the city discovers a neighborhood, it comes together and goes apart.


Anonymous Meena Mani said...

Did you take down one of your posts (I think it was one advertising for postdocs)--I left a message yesterday but can't find the post any longer. I'm not looking for a postdoc so maybe I shouldn't have posted there.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Meena,

Your original comment was:
"I'm wasn't sure where to leave this message--I have a backburner project that I can't get published because it doesn't have the weight of a big name. It also needs some additional rigor--I only know the experimental results which are very good for the data set. Was wondering if you would be interested in looking at this --it may not have much merit and the naysayers might be right. On the other hand, it could be a very useful. I already know that for my application it is."
Sounds interesting and will be happy to look at this. A tip: please share the writeup with a few others (obvious suspects from CS blog world that I dont want to name here). Thanks,
-- Metoo

5:44 PM  

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