Saturday, June 12, 2010

Women or Men in Research

There is ongoing effort in the CS research world to provide women researchers with mentors, examples of life/work balance, contacts within women peers, and so on. Examples: Women in Theory CS, Grace Hopper, etc. Away from computing, in liberal arts and elsewhere, there is longer history of trying to identify factors that contribute to disparity between genders in research career, and a "language" to discuss them.

What drives me in whatever I do is a latent sense and allure of heroism, I dont mean having heros one looks upto or the overused notion of hero in network television, but that one has a adrenaline sense of accomplishing something like hitting one out of the park, and one knows at any moment in life how close to it you are or how far. What I would love to hear about is such heroic deeds women tell themselves.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate on what you are asking? I don't really understand your question.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry. I was reaching for something when I worked on this post, but when I read the post now, looks like overreached and keeled over.

I know having a mentor, examples of researchers who balance work+life, research heros and peer contacts etc. helps my research and career. But ultimately, at a personal level, one needs some metaphor for adrenaline driven moments to actually do research. I think that. I would love to see examples of literature on women in science that discusses this. Or may it already does, and I am unaware.

-- Metoo

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