Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LaTex I need

A couple of things I need to do automatically in LaTeX (pointers appreciated):
  • Put an index from bib items to the text so I know where a paper is cited within the body of the paper. This will of course be a list per bib item.
  • Number each line of the body of the paper, so I can refer to (page no, line no), rather than say eg (3rd line of paragraph 5).
Well, I have been P-Cee-ing. For theory conferences, I like to read all the papers, no (or\epsilon) subrefereeing. I set up the pile, and frequently reorder so I switch topics (data structures, scheduling, auctions, string algorithms, ...) and mix it up with papers that are easy to read --- accept or reject, papers that one has to plow through because of the details, papers that need checking prior work, thin papers or thick appendices, native English or labored writing, ...



Blogger Suresh Venkatasubramanian said...

For line numbers, use the
lineno package

For creating a bibindex, use the backref option in hyperref, with its value set to 'page' or 'section' or whatever you want.

8:58 PM  
Blogger td said...

linenumbers: There are two ways, lineno and there are some rulers.

links from the references to the text: backref (is an option to hyerpref, I guess).

You could look into the style of CVPR 2010. There are the rulers and the backrefs.


12:51 AM  

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