Friday, March 12, 2010

Ad Auctions Workshop 2010

The 6th Ad Auctions Workshop will take place on June 8th, collocated with the EC Conference. The call for participation is now available. Deadline April 14. CFP says "The workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to discuss the latest developments in advertisement auctions and exchanges." I love how ad exchanges are now first class objects.

The organizing committee comprises: Moshe Babaioff, Ben Edelman, Jon Feldman, Sebastien Lahaie and Kamesh Munagala.

As Jon says, "Historically this is always a great workshop, more focused than the typical academic conference. It brings together folks from both industry and academia, and lots of different areas (algorithms, economics, optimization, machine learning)." And as CFP says, "The workshop’s proceedings can be considered non-archival, meaning contributors are free to publish their results later in archival journals or conferences." In other words, it is a true workshop.



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