Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ride and Work

A weekend taken hours early,
sunny friday afternoon stolen.
I went for a ride on a mountain bike in Manhattan. Starting from the center of the Island, ie., the village, that would be a ride with the first stop at the Little Red Lighthouse on Hudson. Then, few "fallen" fences will let you ride along the train tracks, take a dirt road to Dyckman Street and on to a northern tip where there is a tree leaning over the river.

Of course, if you are a researcher, you can't steal a moment even if you want to. I spent most of the ride planning the talk I will give at COCOON. I have been giving talks that present overviews of sponsored search problems, with a little dive into an auction or an optimization result. This time I decided to give a technical talk with a deep dive into one result, now I need a few more rides to figure out the result.


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