Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pizza Ride

Yesterday I went to the park and peered at the trees for prescient signs of the spring (buds); today, the spring is here and I went for a ride to get some pizza.

Over the Williamsburg bridge to stop off at the metal worker artist (mine), via the buzz to Fort Greene and furniture (home and abroad), into Carroll Garden for South Brooklyn Pizza, and returned via the Brooklyn Bridge. 10+ miles of bicycle ride, see the map. The ride through many immigrant neighborhoods reminded me about the constancy of good pizza in NY: a good slice of pizza in one's neighborhood (3 blocks, 5 blocks, whatever is your neighborhood) is an inalienable right of a New Yorker (taxpayer or not), and not owned by any group. And that there is no such thing as the "best pizza" in NY, just merely the constellation of superb pizzas. South Brooklyn Pizza belongs to the constellation.


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