Monday, November 10, 2008

STOC Comfort Zone

I returned home from a long day at work and browsed the blog world to detect a buzz (geomblog, mybiasedcoin, computational complexity, 3dpancakes, and may be elsewhere) about the impending STOC abstract deadline. What I want to do before falling asleep is to submit the following:

\title{Improved algorithms for a few problems}
In the next 7 days, I intend to design improved algorithms for some problems in one of these areas (a) string matching, (b) data streams, or (c) sponsored search auctions. May be all three or combination of those areas, but none outside this set. A writeup describing these algorithms will be submitted.

Seriously though, one of the pleasures of STOC/FOCS/SODA/... deadlines is the comfort zone one reaches of requiring nothing of oneself other than getting new ideas, developing new techniques, proving important theorems, angsting as the results evolve wildly and deadline nears, writing up the results in a painless manner (leaving out corner cases and boring details), and ultimately holding a warm, latexed output in hand, fitting neatly in 10 pages, spilling its guts beyond the bib.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

True, true...

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