Monday, November 03, 2008

ICALP 09 (Track C)

ICALP is building a tradition of Track C (besides the A for Algorithms and Complexity, and B for Logic and semantics). The 2009 edition will have a Track C on Foundations of Networked Computation: Models, Algorithms and Information Management. The deadline is Feb 10 and the conference will be at Rhodes, Greece (yay!) during July 5--12. The PC chairs are Alberto Marchetti Spaccamela and Yossi Matias. Topics are:
  • Algorithmic Aspects of Networks
  • Auctions
  • Computing with Incentives
  • E-commerce, Privacy, Spam
  • Formal Methods for Network Information Management
  • Foundations of Trust and Reputation in Networks
  • Internet Algorithmics
  • Mobile and Wireless Networks
  • Models of Complex Networks
  • Models and Algorithms for Global Computing
  • Models of Mobile Computation
  • Networks Economics
  • Networks of Low Capability Devices
  • Overlay Networks and P2P Systems
  • Social Networks
  • Specification, Semantics, Synchronization of Networked Systems
  • Theory of Security in Networks and Distributed Computing
  • Web Searching, Ranking
  • Web Mining and Analysis
  • This promises to be interesting.


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