Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ode to Surprises

Cities --- jobs, relationships --- should be able to surprise you, and keep you thinking, but not guessing. I biked along the Hudson River park (Frying Pan on Pier 66 continues the horrible tradition of converting gritty industrial stuff into common place, but at least it is public and serves alcohol) and discovered in left to right order:
First I thought it was cute what some child had done, the white chalk outlines of shadow that had long moved on, and then after the second, thought it was a pattern and looked for the artist, and when I found the chalk around the cart of the homeless man, guessed he was the artist. But something was not kosher, I mean the cart was from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Then the "homeless" with the expensive bike on the right brought it all together. The whole thing was an art show, with artists in situ.


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