Saturday, February 16, 2008

Passage to Israel and Back

I find it more interesting to travel than to read or write travel logs. Still, what is a trip to Israel like?

  • You will see friends at the airport even before you board your flight.
  • You'd give talk (s), see dozens of researchers you know, and that would still be only \eps fraction of the people you must truly, absolutely see.
  • You'd drive by the high school in Haifa (thanks to Gadi) that at one time or the other had the majority of Israeli theoretical computer scientists as boys in baggy shorts.
  • You'd be busy with work (coding, meeting, and thanks to the machinery, interviewing) and not have time to get over the jetlag or tourist or just be, but not only your friends, your friends' friends will promise to be your party buddies and you will manage to grab a nite out on Tel Aviv, dance and laugh.
  • You would have friends fret about how security services will treat you at the airport; the security will scan all your items and be intrigued trying to unravel your notebook from Rome, with its doodles.
  • You would vow to prove at least one new lemma before you leave the land, and after scratching for an hour at the airport, get some success.
  • You would: eat, art, beach, talk Times, and finally, you would vow to return.
I am happy being jetlagged on return, watch the sunrise from my apartment and start the day, better yet, the weekend, before others.


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