Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chocolate Poem

Thanks to Oren and automatic translation.

In the end Ramat Gan there is a special place ,
There it's possible to stand and to smell chocolate.

There is there high high house
Windowless, with three chimnies,
And thirty machinery of day and night work,
And seventy work with apron and gloves,
Preparing chocolate in all the forms.

Little chocolate and big chocolate,
Expensive chocolate and chocolate cheaply.
Chocolate of walnuts and chocolate just ,
Chocolate are rich and chocolate to all.
And the aroma for free.
And all the citizens stop and smell

Stop the children that run in the neighborhood,
Curfew of the bus beyond the corner,
The cats cease to flee from the dogs,
The policemen stand next to the thiefs.
All of them view on the chimnies
And little by little the noses of all of them fill
Latch of chocolate.

In the end Ramat Gan there is a special place ,
There it's possible to stand and to smell chocolate.

*ריח של שוקולד/ יונתן גפן

בסוף רמת גן יש מקום מיוחד,
שם אפשר לעמוד ולהריח שוקולד.

יש שם בית גבוה גבוה
בלי חלונות, עם שלוש ארובות,
ושלושים מכונות יום ולילה עובדות,
ושבעים פועלים עם סינר וכפפות,
מכינים שוקולד בכל הצורות.

שוקולד קטן ושוקולד גדול,
שוקולד יקר ושוקולד בזול.
שוקולד אגוזים ושוקולד סתם,
שוקולד לעשירים ושוקולד לכולם.
והריח בחינם.
וכל האזרחים עוצרים ומריחים.

עוצרים הילדים שרצים בשכונה,
עוצר האוטובוס מעבר לפינה,
החתולים מפסיקים לברוח מהכלבים,
השוטרים עומדים ליד הגנבים.
כולם מביטים על הארובות
ולאט לאט האפים של כולם מתמלאים
בריח של שוקולד.

בסוף רמת גן יש מקום מיוחד,
שם אפשר לעמוד ולהריח שוקולד.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This translation does not do justice to the original.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My apologies. If someone can post better translation(s), I would be grateful.

* The first line was translated as:

Aroma of chocolate / Jonathan is a vine.

* I hear this chocolate place in Ramat Gan has been sold and will become an office building?

- metoo

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the automatic translator available on the web? It is a pretty good translation (Except for one word, perhaps.) I guess poems are easier to translate automatically than, say, technical articles.

And yes, a few days ago they started the demolition of the chocolate factory. Apparently, they replace it with a Donald Trump's(!) tower. See:,7340,L-3225729,00.html

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try for example:

Thanks for the link to the article about the demolition. Sigh.
-- metoo

3:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll give translation a shot. (PS: I assume you are aware that the first line is the name of the poem + the author's name "Yonatan Geffen" which does, literally, translate as "Jonathan vine".)

At the end of Ramat Gan there is a special place \\
where one can stand and smell chocolate\\
There is a very tall building\\
without windows, with three smokestacks\\
and thirty machines, working day and night\\
and seventy workers with apron and gloves\\
preparing chocolate in all different shapes...

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you. (Yes, I knew it was a poem by Yonatan Geffen and have been looking up other works.) This translation is a beautiful start.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Wise Ferret said...

Here is my translation to the poem (it's quite singable, I think). I hope it does more justice to it than the automated version.

Smell of Chocolate
Lyrics: Yehonatan Gefen

At the end of our town there's a special estate
Where one can stand still and smell the chocolate.
There's big house with no windows
And with three chimneys by its side
And with thirty machines which are on day and night
And with seventy workers whose aprons are tied
And who make chocolate candies. Of every kind.

Chocolate petite and chocolate immense
Chocolate for pounds and chocolate for pence
Chocolate with a nut and chocolate without
For the elite – and for the crowd
(And the smell is on the house)
And all the boys and girls
Are stopping for the smell.

It stops the children who run and who hop.
It stops the buses before they should stop.
Cats stop running away from dogs,
Policemen are standing next to rouges.
They all look up at the chimneys
And bit by bit, their noses are filling
With the smell of chocolate.

Chocolate petite and chocolate immense...

At the end of our town there's a special estate
Where you can stand still and smell the chocolate.

[Hebrew translation: Yotam Benshalom]

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Thank you, much appreciated!!


12:40 PM  

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