Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I should have listened to Suresh and watched the movie long time ago. Instead, I watched it two days ago. There is the story of the NY grandmothers who would sit at their window and watch their 10 yr old grandson walk down the block, and the adventurous ones, let their grandson walk down the avenue block! Well, those NY grandmothers would have found it easy to track me as I walked all of 0.5 street blocks from my aptment to the IFC theater to watch it late night, the movie by now almost a midnight cult affair. The theater had 2 men fiddling with pen and paper, 2 couples (one hetero), an oldman with bulging backpack and beard flowing down to trip him when he walked, and me. I swear someone had a Mac in the theater, the movie was mainly a sublime homage to Apple. It was encouraging to see grown men (and 1 grown woman) speak passionately about fonts. The movie (NY Times Review gets it right: "you’re guaranteed to spend the next few days scanning the world for Helvetica like a child on a cross-country car trip playing I Spy.") was visually pleasing, moving from New to Old amsterdam/world, and I returned home, vowing to experiment with fonts. Save me.


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