Thursday, April 19, 2007


At 4 AM, I went for a walk and in the chilly, early morning, passed by two scruffy men, beer bellies (unshaven and pudgy), standing on a landing between two stores, each holding a brown bag with a bottle inside, sharing the following. One: "My wife is 36-28..". Other: "My wife is 32-29-.."

In the subway, past 1 AM, world is leisurely. I saw a homeless couple, he with this bulging shopping cart, and she with her baby carriage complete with the hood, large (but shaky) wheels, filled with newspapers and neatly piled plastic bags. The couple sat close to each other, even as the others in the subway at this time typically spread out, stretch out, avoid the smells and pass out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

does not your spouse object to these untimely meanderings?

8:00 AM  

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