Saturday, March 03, 2007

Looking back, ahead and willing things

Perhaps I wanted to will Spring in, so I decided to spend a few hours going over things from the very past and (re)filing them. It is sad, fun and everything inbetween to see the past, and wish one could straighten the torts and twists, somehow make amends or just redo, undo. Instead, one just looks ahead and works in the past. The city of Pisa apparently has a rule that no building may lean more than the tower.

While cleaning up, the maniacal collector of print clips that I am, I came across:
  • Okayo, a member of Kisii tribe in Kenya and a NY Marathon winner, says she began running at age 13, intrigued by her father, Ibrahim, who chased girafffes through the forests near their village, Masaba. Thank you NYT.
  • Food served to children in schools is a topic that goes across cultures. "khichdi has failed to appeal to the children" says the official in India. "Serving Khichdi evey day puts children off. When even we can not eat the food for long, how can the children be expected to eat it daily?", asked a teacher. So, "From next year, hot, steaming idlis, dosas and uttapams will be served to primary school children." Recipes here. :)
Life of Pi describes an improbable South Indian meal that Pi dreams of, stranded on a lifeboat with a Royal Bengal Tiger; of course, idlis figure in the meal.


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