Sunday, March 05, 2006


It is a bright blue morning. BAM hosts the weekend of BAMKids film festival and at 2.15 will screen Catfish blues by Hoel Caouissin. It is a story of someone who invents songs while he fishes and dreams of being a blues musician, eventually becoming, after blues-like life odyssey, the legendary Catfish Blues. Catfish blues has roots in animal-like characterization of blacks, fishing and imagery. Here are two fun versions.

“I wished I was a catfish, swimming down in the sea;
I ‘d have some good woman, fishing after me.”

“I wants to make this one right.
This is the (best) one I got.”
Then he hung his head an’ went to singin’ an’ cryin’:
“Now, I wished that I was a bullfrog, swimmin’ in that deep blue sea.
Lord, I would have all these good­ lookin’ women, now, now, now, fishin after me.
Fishin’ after (guitar completes line)…
I mean after …..
Sure nuff, after me”.


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